QV-LIFT Paper at Ka and ICSSC Joint Conferences

QV-LIFT Paper at Ka and ICSSC Joint Conferences

QV-LIFT partners presented the paper: A Novel high-performance V-Band GaN MMIC HPA for the QV-Lift project, to the Ka and ICSSC Joint Conferences that will be held jointly in Niagara Falls, Canada, on October 15th through 18th, 2018.

Strictly connected to the transformation to the ubiquitous 5G networks that the satellite communications industry is facing, the present edition of the Joint Conferences will address those challenges, looking forward to the employment of new technologies, architectures and system solutions over the next future.

Moreover, this important Conference will explore a broad spectrum of space communications topics, including the evolution of GEO from traditional area coverage to Ultra High Throughput Satellites (UHTS), the growing number of mega constellations expected to enter service in the next decade, navigation applications such as vehicle autonomy, wideband data backhaul from scientific and remote sensing payloads in LEO, and the extension of the 5G network to near earth, lunar and deep space environments in support of human exploration.

Given the theme of this year’s conference QV-LIFT present here the outcomes of the GaN based power amplifier MMIC that has been designed and manufactured within the project.

All the information about the Joint Conferences: agenda and registration and logistics are available here: http://www.kaconf.org