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The QV-LIFT Mailing Lists Service

The QV-LIFT Mailing List service allows you to receive information to which you subscribe.
It is an opt-in service, allowing you to change your personal details, your subscriptions, or to completely unregister from the system at any moment.

The information that you will receive will be sent to you by the different publishing services only on the basis of your subscriptions.

This service is a service of the QV-LIFT web site. You can find more info on the QV-LIFT web site at the following locations:


In order to provide you with useful information, we collect only a minimal set of data.


Registration information

We need to identify you, in order to prevent other persons to access your data. For this, we need a login (your e-mail address) and a password.

Personal details and preferences

Depending on the service you subscribe to, additional information can be required: your postal address for paper subscriptions, your preferred language, or other details such as your occupation or sector of activities.


We collect data about your subscriptions to different mailing lists.

Site usage information

This is technical information that allows us to provide you with the service, monitor its usage and improve it.

Session cookies

We do not collect cookies for marketing purpose or site usage, and do not pass on cookies to third parties. We use cookies during your registration or subscription, to technically identify your requests during the session. These cookies do not contain personal information and can be disposed of at your will after your visit.

Log files

Log files allow us to record the usage of the site. They contain no personal information, nor information about which other sites you have visited. They allow us to improve the service by knowing its usage, and are processed anonymously.

Technical comment

We keep technical information associated to your personal information, containing for example the last technical problem encountered when sending mail, or any manual action we did on your request, in order to be able to answer your requests if any problem is encountered. This data is deleted when the problem is solved and has the same retention policy than your personal information.

How long do we keep your data?

We keep your data as long as you are registered. We only destroy the information one month after you requested your unregistration, in order to be able to restore it in case of mistake.


Only the services of QV-LIFT using the Mailing Service have access to your data, for the purpose of sending you the requested information. They are bound to the Mailing Service and have the same commitment towards the Data Protection Directive. Our systems administrators have access to the data for the purpose of keeping the service running. They are submitted to the same legal obligations, and must identify themselves (login/password) for these operations.


Your identification data (e-mail, password) is transmitted securely over the network (via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)) to our web server.
All the information you provided us (personal data and subscriptions) are accessible to persons from the QV-LIFT Mailing Service and communications support services, for the purpose of sending you information for which you subscribed. Access to the data is protected and requires identification (login/password) from them. They are bound to the same Data Protection agreement.

How can you modify your data?

You can modify your data at any time via our Web interface. You have the possibility of:

  • changing your identification data (changing your e-mail or your password)
  • changing your personal data
  • changing your subscriptions
  • completely unregister from the system. In this case, your data will be erased from our database after one month.

Legal basis and contact information

We are committed to comply to the Regulation referenced hereafter: regulation 45/2001.
In case of queries or complaints, you can contact .